• Ona Mod

    Closed Beta Updates

    November 19, 2012 by Ona Mod
    • Restructured Quick Basics > Characters and Quick Basics > Classes sections
    • Added skill trees for Paladins, Shadowmages, Sorceresses, and Warriors
    • Added Litos teleportation map
    • Uploaded class skill videos for Paladins and Sorceresses from content on Aeria site
    • Created Items > Armor Previews section
      • Created page for each class with alphabetical sections
      • Added armor previews for T01-T05 Elf Warrior gear
      • Added armor previews for T01-T05 Felynx Shadowmage gear
      • Added misc. armor previews for Elf Sorceress, Human Paladin, Human Warrior, and Lykan Paladin gear
    • Restructured Items > Armor section
      • Added tables for Head, Chest, Hands, Feet, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and Shields
      • Learned how to create sortable tables
    • Restructured Items > Weapons section
      • Added table for Staves
    • Added c…
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  • Ona Mod

    Pre-Alpha Updates

    September 13, 2012 by Ona Mod
    • Created background, title banner, and favicon using Aeria fankit
    • Added race overviews from content on Aeria site
      • Re-built Aeria class portraits and created Diel class portrait using images ripped from Halgame website
      • Shrouded Diel in mystery to prevent spoiler
    • Added class overviews from content on Aeria site
      • Developed class icon icons using Halgame fankit
    • Added class pages from content on Aeria and Halgame sites
      • Translated stat priorities and re-built stat web images
        • Cross-checked with Aeria site (no Wisdom stat on official site yet)
      • Re-built playable races images to include Diel race
      • Researched traditional types of magic in fantasy
      • Uploaded screenshots and videos from Aeria's DKO Class Spotlights
      • Shrouded Archer in mystery to prevent sp…
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