Name Grade Min Level Eva Armor


Magic Armor Classes
Adventurer's Sheild Common 0 All
Beastly Lament Shield Uncommon 0 All
Bourgeois Shield Common 1 All
Oaken Shield Common 1 All
Rank's Shield Common 1 All
Tundra's Shield Common 5 All
Tyro's Shield Common 5 All
Guilded Pasture Shield Uncommon 5 All
Sunset Glow Shield Uncommon 8 All
Bronzed Shield Common 10 All
Baltic Shield Uncommon 10 All
Adrift Shield Common 12 All
Twilight Gleam Shield Uncommon 12 All
Codis's Shield Uncommon 13 All
Ferrum Shield Common 15 All
Freegus's Shield Uncommon 15 All
Ledise's Shield Uncommon 15 All
Luann's Probation Shield Uncommon 18 All
Pewter Dew Shield Uncommon 18 All
Lunar Lupine Shield Rare 18 108 25 All
Ruby Steel Shield Common 20 All
Beast Aegis Shield Uncommon 20 All
Crude Beast Aegis Shield Rare 20 All
Kakku's Shield Rare 20 All
Mirage Shield Common 23 All
Breeze Shield Uncommon 23 All
Fucan's Shield Uncommon 23 All
Hobgoblin's Sneer Shield Rare 23 All
Casting Shield Common 25 All
Raden's Shield Uncommon 25 All
Sanctified Oath Shield Rare 25 All
Adventurer's Shield Common 28 All
Lundbich's Probation Shield Uncommon 28 All
Baston's Forte Shield Rare 28 All
Paganfire Shield Rare 30 All
Tempest Shield Epic 30 All

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