Part 1Edit

Backstory header01 Translation notes:

  • Two goddesses created a "new room" or "new window" to be set apart from whatever existed before
  • This creation was in sharp contrast to the desires of Kharvag, the Dragon, who lived in another room
  • The goddesses were from two disciplines: light and dark
  • Goddess named Eos and Dione
  • Their world was full of chaos, so they created a module with three beautiful sanctums in which to live

Part 2Edit

Backstory header02 Translation notes:

  • All was beautiful and peaceful until the rise of an evil dragon ancient
  • Someone (a main character) sought help, but was betrayed by the leaders

Part 3Edit

Backstory header03

Part 4Edit

Backstory header04

Part 5Edit

Backstory header05

Part 6Edit

Backstory header06

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