A fundamental role in warfare since ancient times, Warriors take their position on the front lines and fight to the finish. Their strong defense and powerful melee abilities make them an indispensible asset to any team. These pioneers work their magic with steel and sinew, bringing down even the mightiest enemies.

Warriors are at the center of any fight. They man the front lines and lead their allies, cutting a path through their enemies with brute strength. They can't use magic, but their physical prowess gets the job done just fine.

"You will find me in the vanguard, till the job is done."

Paladins are holy warriors, guardians of the light who support the team with the strength of the faith. Paladins are united by a strong belief in the Goddess Dione and possess the power to bolster their allies. Those who choose the way of the Paladin ride into battle with the power of the gods inside them.

Ordained by the Goddess Dione and possessed with righteous fortitude, they're equally comfortable assaulting the enemy front line with the vanguard or supporting their allies from the rear.

"Cower before me in battle, for you cower before the Goddess' chosen."

As revolutionaries who sought and obtained the magic of the ancient dragons, Sorceresses wreak havoc on enemies by showering them with potent elemental magic. Although weak in close combat, a long range position allows them the space to utterly decimate their enemies.

The mistresses of magic are said to have descended from the dragons. There once was a time when only dragons could wield such arcane powers, but the Sorceresses have since learned to harness them as well. Their magic attacks can deal mortal blows to enemies, or conjure creatures from the nether world to battle in their stead.

"I clothe myself in the elements as one would a ballroom gown."

The Shadowmages chose not to follow the path of the dragon's sorcery, instead pioneering their own magic. Their magical arts, taken from the Dark World, are full of curses and spells of darkness. They specialize in weakening the enemy, setting foes up as prey to be devoured by their teammates.

Their magic attacks draw upon the power of primeval incantations. They put more of an emphasis on physical skills and their spells focus on weakening foes or strengthening allies rather than directly inflicting damage.

"Tell me, friend, are you afraid of the dark?"

Originally simple farmers, these quiet people were forced to adapt their ways when they found their genes mutating from a mineral imbalance. Hunting at night so their deformities could not be seen, Archers developed extraordinary accuracy with a bow--often able to target their prey without sight.

In their new state of existence, an Archer's knowledge of the elements combined with their natural aerobic prowess makes them more deadly than even the most skilled sniper. The number of targets merely determines the speed at which they will be massacred.

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